Club Mission and Dial-a-Donut

Club Mission is our regular Friday night outreach which takes place outside the Students’ Union on campus. As we believe that God first loved us, we aim to love our fellow students at Royal Holloway by handing out free water, crisps and doughnuts to those leaving after a night at the SU!

We have four rotating teams who volunteer, giving food out and offering some help, or a friendly chat to anyone who needs it. It’s something our volunteers love being a part of, even in the wet and cold!

Dial-a-Donut is another food-based outreach that we organise that happens once or twice a term. Students can text a question about anything in to our group of students, who come running with an answer and a donut! This is another popular outreach event that sees lots of students on campus interacting and showing an interest in our beliefs, and our society.

We would love you to be involved! To find out more please contact our Facebook page and keep a look out on our social medias for updates.

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