How can you help out in the smooth running of a CU night? Well we have a Welcome Rota and a Snacks Rota you can sign up for!

‘But what does that mean?’ I hear you say. Well, being on the Welcome Rota means that once, maybe twice, a term you will be on a team of 3 or 4 people to welcome students into CU. Some of you will be outside to signal to the room where we hold CU where as others will be inside to give a cheery smile and a ‘hello’. The Snacks Rota on the other hand will again be no more than once or twice a term where we ask if you would be able to spend up to £5 on snacks for the evening and bring them to CU. Our usual goodies are some fizzy drinks, chocolate fingers and many other treats. These snacks are enjoyed by all as people arrive and we catch up with friends and new faces!

If this is something you would like to be a part of please message me, Grace Hopkins, by email at: