As a CU we have a big mission – to see thousands of students who don’t know Jesus hear and respond to his good news.  This sounds pretty impossible, and totally would be had Jesus not given us one vital promise in John 14:14 – ‘If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.’ (ESV)

Prayer is not just a comforting activity that Christians do, prayer works. In fact, John Wesley even went as far to say that ‘God does nothing except in response to prayer’. If you truly want to see lives changed on this campus, pray with us. All parts of CU activity are integral to our mission, but none more so than prayer. It is the fuel for all of these. If you truly want to see lives changed on this campus, pray with us.

Practically, there’s 3 main ways we do this;

(1) We meet to pray together. This happens 3 times a week on (i) Tuesdays from 8:30-9am in Crosslands, (ii) Thursdays from 7-7:15pm before our meeting and (iii) Fridays at 4pm in Imagine.

These are brilliant times together where we can really get stuck in agree with eachother in prayer together. Often we’ll start by opening up the Bible, giving thanks to God, and then move on to asking God for big things for our campus. We know these can be daunting but please do not fear! You can pray however you want, as much or as little you want, and as long as short as you want – simply, we’d love for you to join us as we pray big prayers together!

(2) We have a prayer team at each Thursday meeting. Often we may want personal prayer for something specific at a CU meeting, and so we have a small team after every meeting who are free to pray for anyone! If you’d like to join the prayer team, chat to Simon Argent (our prayer co-ordinator).

(3) We have an ‘Impossible List’. We believe that God honours big prayers and specific prayers, so in May 2015 we came to together to form a short list of specific things we want to see God do at Royal Holloway. It’s called the Impossible List because these things are all impossible unless God shows up! If you’d call yourself part of this CU, please do be praying for through this personally, and be expectant for God to answer!

For more information on prayer or if you want to be part of the Prayer Team please contact Simon Argent –